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Consciousness Hikes

San Diego Group Life Coaching Hikes is a core group of individuals that enjoy looking inside themselves and reflecting to make sustainable lasting change in their life.

Each hike we explore a different theme: how each of us define success; our roles in life; the times we feel that we have to wear a mask or be someone we aren’t; and our intentions and goal setting to name a few. These hikes are a great opportunity to connect with ourselves in ways we have not before. Some hikers have said they have never been so comfortable opening up and could not imagine how much they learned from themselves through group coaching.

“This is a high quality group. Carson has a knack for creating an instantly welcoming atmosphere where people feel comfortable sharing the kinds of things that we’re usually afraid to bring out into the open. I’ve surprised myself with some of the things I shared on these hikes, but ultimately, it was to my benefit as there’s always people there who relate. The questions we answer are well planned, relevant to all, and serve as a gateway into other topics that develop as we hike. By the end of each hike, I feel a strong human bond with everyone there. ”

Curious about individual coaching hikes for you or your loved one or believe your family, friends, or co-workers could benefit from a consciousness hike contact Carson for more details. Customized topics for individuals or groups available.

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