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Transcend Group Coaching: Create deep connection with yourself and others to live a passionate and authentic life.

Do you find yourself defining who you are by your career, family, where you live, your race, ethnicity, gender, and/or sexual orientation? How you define yourself often limits you to playing a role, rather than developing an expanding sense of purpose. The truth is, these are simply our roles in society, not who we truly are. What happens when we attach ourselves to these roles too much?

Attachment to our roles leads to overwhelming expectations, self-judgment, negative thoughts and beliefs. We can have expectations of attaining the perfect version of whatever role we are in, have fears of vulnerability, and judge ourselves harshly. We can become plagued with self-doubt: Am I smart enough? Am I good enough? Our thoughts and beliefs lead to our perceptions about the world and ourselves. It is as if we have blinders on which we seem to have no choice and a limited view on everything. Because of this, we are disconnected from others and ourselves. Success and happiness seem unreachable.

How can we live a life where we honor who we really are, make conscious choices unaffected by misconceptions, and create the success and happiness we want?

Mission: Transcend Group Coaching is a network of individuals that are on the journey to understand themselves better and create deep connection to others by supporting each other in living passionate and authentic lives.

Through releasing these attachments to our roles, we can live more authentically, honoring who we truly are, and enjoying every moment. Together this group will support each other in reducing unrealistic societal, familial, and personal expectations. We will break through barriers we have created with in ourselves for years and live more in the present moment.

We will reduce fear and judgment while increasing happiness, success, and connection. Imagine this new you at a crowded party, talking to someone you are attracted to; at a work event; or an awkward family gathering, having the confidence to connect with people in new ways, having meaningful conversation, and engaging with others like never before. In this group you will release self-doubt, fear, loneliness, and insecurities, and replace it with confidence, courage, and a support network to live a connected, conscious, and aware life.

In my coaching practice, I have been recognized for my ability to ask thought-provoking questions to help individuals and groups dig deeper into exploring who they are and what is important to them. With monthly conference phone calls, an online community forum, weekly discussion questions, and individually defined actions steps, I will help create an environment of support, motivation, and inspiration. We will break down physical, mental, and spiritual barriers that have gotten in the way of connecting with others and ourselves. The fact is that everyone has challenges, limiting beliefs, assumptions and judgments about themselves and the world. Together we will embrace our challenges, understand our desires, and live our purposeā€¦ Get ready to Transcend!

The Benefits of Conference Calls for Group Coaching

As we connect with people around us we are drawn to similarities. We are attracted to people that look like us, have similar clothing or other outward traits. These superficial characteristics can either create connection with people or stop us from getting to know them. It is common to put more weight on these superficial characteristics of people but the reality is that it can keep us from getting to know them in deeper ways. Through group phone conversation, we will transcend physical superficial barriers and focus instead on the energy, values, and beliefs of each person. It will help create a new way of being. With this new awareness, we will honor what makes us all unique, truly learning from each other and growing together.

Have Transcend Group Coaching Be Your Emotional First Aid

Transcend group coaching monthly subscription $240.

  • 1.5 hour weekly group coaching call
  • Monthly and weekly
    actions steps
  • Coaching campus online
    discussion forum

First month free when bought with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI). Please contact me directly if you would like to buy the monthly subscription and the ELI together.

Energy leadership Assessment $250 and $100 each month after.

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